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Plastic Whale  is the first professional plastic fishing company in the world. A social enterprise with a mission: to make the world's waters plastic-free and create value from plastic waste. They do this by creating social awareness of the problem, but above all by taking action with as many people as possible and by fishing plastic. Until now, Plastic Whale has fished more than 200,000 PET bottles from the water, which are then upgraded to high-quality products, including boats, to fish for more plastic and produce high-quality design furniture.

The Plastic Whale Circular Furniture, high-end furniture made from fished plastic from the Amsterdam canals, was launched in collaboration with Vepa. In the meantime, a Plastic Whale franchise has already been started which is emptying the port of Rotterdam.

The high end collection consists of a boardroom table, a chair, lamps and acoustic wall panels. LAMA Concept is responsible for the design of the collection. Circularity is central and the whale served as a source of inspiration. The plastic soup is a big threat for this fascinating mammal. Characteristic elements of the whale have been translated into the designs. Think, for example, of the look and feel of the characteristic skin, the adipose tissue and the impressive skeleton.

Plastic Whale Circular Furniture by Vepa


In 2019, Plastic Whale and Vepa are working hard to bring the successor to the high-end collection to the market. This new collection will be directly and exclusively available with JMT throughout Europe for hire at trade fairs, events and conferences. In the development of the collection, in addition to design, weight, design and other important features are also considered to be able to transport the furniture in a responsible manner and thus rent it out responsibly. Of course we will keep you informed of the developments!

Get started with circular furniture right away? The Felt series, also developed and produced by Vepa and winner of the Green Product Award 2018, is already available through JMT. 60 PET bottles receive a second life in each scale. The process from PET bottle to Felt scale is one of upcycling, making this chair extremely suitable for circular furnishing concepts.

Check out the various models that JMT has included in the collection. For availability please contact or 0167-523925. Interested in a colour combination or model that is not in the collection? Let us know, we will see what we can do.


"The first winter wind blows around the corner of the Le Mairekade in Amsterdam, where three men are a bit cold but satisfied standing together in a boat. Despite the chilling cold they feel warm inside, a photo moment, to capture a memorable event for the offspring.

The three men are Marius Smit, founder of Plastic Whale, Janwillem de Kam, director of VEPA 'the furniture factory' and Jean-Pierre Brouwers, managing director at JMT Rental Furniture. The boat in which they are located is docked right in front of the office of Plastic Whale. A plastic boat, made from genuine Amsterdam plastic soup. "

Read the extensive article about the launching partnership of JMT and Plastic Whale that appeared in the last edition of the Instore & Livecomm of 2018.

Note: the article is in Dutch.

On the photo from left to right:
Marius Smit - Founder and Captain Plastic Whale
Jean-Pierre Brouwers - Managing Director JMT
Janwillem de Kam - Director Vepa