From founding to present


JMT was founded in 1982 by the brothers van de Merbel who ran an upholstery business in Dinteloord. They started by supplying a piece of carpet for one exhibition stand, which quickly led to supplying more and more stands and eventually extended to more types of carpets and also furniture.

Later in the 80´s, the introduction of an installation and pick up service concept was developed. This fuelled the business in the Netherlands but was also the start of expanding their business abroad.


After moving JMT to a privately owned investment company during the early 90´s, the company’s European expansion started with the acquisition of a large furniture company in Germany.

This was the start of a rapid international growth where JMT added a specialised event service company in German.


Between 2001 and 2003 the establishment of a JMT in France was developed.

From 2004 to 2007 JMT Spain was added by acquiring Ambiplan and in the UK Indisplay was added to the JMT group, followed by setting up a JMT in Switzerland. While this was happening, the company started focussing on how to further improve the service concept and using the large European network to the advantage of our customers.


Today all brands have been merged into one European JMT brand and JMT is a leading company for providing rental furniture and floor coverings.