When you rent furnishing materials you are doing a good job because this is by definition sustainable philosophy. However, much more is possible and small adjustments often have a big impact. As a stand designer, trade fair organizer or conference organizer, you can do a lot yourself and contribute to our sustainable mission. We list sustainable tips & tricks so that we can jointly manage our footprint.

Tip & Trick: FORMATS
Large armchairs are usually not stackable and therefore require more space and more transport. Take a good look at what is needed in the designs of stands, exhibition floors, pavilions and lobbies and whether there are perhaps more sustainable alternatives that offer the same look, feel and comfort.

Tip & Trick: STOCK
JMT delivers throughout Europe and checking the stock at one of our locations in the country where the event is held provides immediate environmental benefits. If there is sufficient stock, we can deliver from that (foreign) country to the same (foreign) country. Even if items are added to the order later, we can deliver them from the nearest local branch. That saves a lot of unnecessary transport movements.

Tip & Trick: REUSE
Many materials are ideal for frequent reuse. Our rental carpet tiles, for example, are used time and again. We maintain our extensive collection of tiles well so that it always looks like new.

Prefer carpet? Our Colourking collection is produced from ECONYL® yarn. This high-tech nylon yarn with sustainable properties is regenerated from waste recovered from landfills and oceans. After use, this nylon is fully regenerable again. An endless closed process. Carpet tiles from the colourking collection have a high stain resistance, are dirt-resistant, safe, colourfast and sound-absorbing.

An increasing part of our collection is marked on the website with a sustainability logo. View the images above what this logo looks like and check the items from our collection with this logo here. This logo can help you make the right choices easier. We have set ourselves the goal of significantly expanding this share in our collection in the coming years. We just do that.

Tip & Trick: PACKAGING
Packaging is important to prevent damage and to ensure that the items remain beautiful for a long time and can be used often. Unfortunately, packaging is also polluting, takes up volume and gives extra weight that has to be transported. In addition, packaging material also produces waste.

To keep this to a minimum, we use many wooden boxes and carts that we make and maintain ourselves. These materials last extra long and when they are completely used up, the used wood is offered to our waste processor Renewi. They ensure that the (processed or unprocessed) waste wood is processed in a responsible manner and can be used as a secondary raw material in the wood fiber and chipboard industry or as fuel in bio-energy plants.

The plastics we use are collected separately and offered separately for recycling. All our plastic furniture covers are made from recycled plastic. We also use sturdy cardboard boxes that are reused as much as possible.

Finally, we frequently use blankets to protect our belongings. The blankets are made from old rags, last a long time and are reused as often as possible.

Paying attention to the little ones pays off because many little ones together have a big impact. Waste is not waste at JMT. Research into the processing and development of new parts from residual material never stops. We are keen on finding good partners with the same values ​​and on the continuous implementation and implementation of our sustainable philosophy. This remains a spearhead both internally and externally. In addition to a lot of satisfaction, we also experience a lot of fun in this ongoing process. Do you have additional sustainable Tips and Tricks? Share them with us!